12 FEB 2017

Support the Augusta Park to Smannell Gravel Pathway

Plans for an informal gravel pathway linking Augusta Park to Smannell village are under threat following the County Councilwithdrawing support for the project.

The proposal for a safer route for pedestrians walking from Augusta Park to Smannell to access Smannell School and The Oak pub, and for residents of Smannell to access the facilities on Augusta Park was originally planned to be delivered in spring 2016 and then delayed to this year. Unfortunately it no longer has the support of the County Council, who believe it to be too expensive.

Funds had previously been identified from developer contributions, collected from the Augusta Park builders, Taylor Wimpey.

I am extremely frustrated by this turn of events and feel let down over the previous promises made to me. Over the past two years I have been regularly pressing the case within TVBC and the County Council to get on and deliver the scheme, which was formally given the go ahead in autumn 2015. It is not acceptable for the County Council to change its mind at the last minute.

The Parish Council have offered to maintain the gravel pathway once constructed so the County Council will not be liable for ongoing maintenance but from emails I have seen the County are still not happy with the proposal.

It is hugely important to me that this project still goes ahead and I am working with my colleague and County Council candidate in the forthcoming election, Kirsty Locke to continue to press the case for the pathway.

What would really help us in further discussions with Hampshire County Council, and if we need to leverage some money from other organisations, is to show the strength of feeling from the community and your support for the project.

I would therefore be grateful if local residents who want to see the project delivered could sign the petition here.

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