26 NOV 2013

Endeavour Will Open Tomorrow Despite On-Going Heating Problem

It is likely that Endeavour School on Augusta Park will not now be fully open until Thursday due to the heating breaking down.  The school was closed today as the fault was addressed but it seems the problem will not be fully fixed until tomorrow.  It is not satisfactory for the children to miss two days of school and I know how frustrating this must be for parents who have to seek last minute child care.  I have been pushing the County Council to get this problem resolved as quickly as possible and am encouraging them to at least partially open the school tomorrow even if it is not fully operational. This is the latest from the County Council:

"The heating failure is down to two pumps failing, which is extremely rare. Property Services have sourced a replacement but it wont arrive until tomorrow morning (down from Dundee). The heating is therefore unlikely to be up and running sufficiently for the school to operate with it tomorrow.  We have asked them to look into the possibility of getting at least some of the school open tomorrow through use of temporary heaters, which staff are investigating. They need to check that they can get the rooms up to a reasonable temperature before confirmation that the school can partially open tomorrow. The worst case scenario is that it will be Thursday before the school is fully operational."

I will keep you updated with the latest developments.  The School will be communicating to parents through the usual channels.

Update: Endeavour School have confirmed on their website that the school will be open tomorrow - which is great news. It is a great testament to them that they have made temporary arrangements to keep it open.

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